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Generally speaking, I enjoy comments. I’ve been lucky because most people have been respectful even when they disagree with me. I want to tell everyone – it’s ok to disagree with me. It’s ok to tell me you disagree with me. It’s ok to offer up constructive, respectful criticism – that’s how we grow.

However, it is NOT ok to enter a comment that is insulting, abusive, aggressive, or spamming. One of the ladies I really admire, Leonie Dawson, has what she calls a “No Bull-shit Policy.” I also have one. It’s very simple – behave yourself and act like a responsible human being. Engage in abuse, trolling, spamming or anything I deem offensive and you will be immediately deleted. I share my writing and work with you out of a desire to help others grow and be the best ┬áperson they can be. By definition, someone engaging in these behaviors by sending abusive comments violates that purpose. So…it boils down to respect.

Just so everyone who reads this is aware, I do not tolerate aggressive, insulting, or troll-like comments or behavior. If I receive any of these, the comments will be immediately deleted. If I am able to, I will additionally block you from commenting in the future.

If you want to chat with me, or engage me in discussion – I’m always interested in meeting new people and learning. Dialogue is great!

Take care and have a great night! — Laura


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